15 Things that, currently, I’d rather not live without


(1) Blackberry Bold.  I’m ashamed to admit that the three weeks without it was torture. (2) Maybelline Mousse Foundation. I am obsessed with the texture.  Light & smooth. (3) Versace eyeglasses.  A must for note-taking in lecture halls.  And if I am without them when I’m driving at night, I fear for everyone else on the road.  (Plus, how cute are they?)

four.five. six.

(4) MIA sandals.  I LIVE IN THESE.  So comfortable, and goes well with most everything. (5) H&M harem pants.  Live in these, as well.  It’s like wearing PJ’s to school/work/out. (6) White nectarines.  My current favorite fruit.


(7) Macbook.  I’ve crossed over to the dark side, no more PC’s for me. (8) John Mayer, Room for Squares album.  All-time favorite, especially “Why Georgia.”  My happy place. (9) Guess? Collection White Ceramic watch.  Ricky says this is my pre-Chanel.


(10)  Proactiv moisturizing lotion.  Moisturizing without feeling too greasy.  SPF 15, too. (11)  Blistex Silk & Shine.  Super smooth application, with a thin layer that doesn’t feel like a nasty layer of grease.  But enough to quench thirsty lips.  One of the few lip balms that my boyfriend can tolerate kissing me in.  (He hates Carmex, lipstick, lip gloss…) (12) iPod Touch.  Convenient for music playing + apps.


(13) Ralph, Ralph Lauren.  Fresh, crisp and feminine with fruit and floral hints. (14) Palmer Cash Men’s Woven.  Loose fitting, casual, great with a pair of destructed denim.  Laid-back, easy look. (15)  Plaza Acrylic paints.  Acrylic paints + canvas + paintbrush, any kind, any brand, anywhere, and I’m a happy girl.

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