Chop chop dilemma

Michelle Williams looked absolutely gorgeous at the Oscar’s this year.  I was instantly obsessed with her hair!

I wish so badly that when I decided to cut my hair last year I went much more dramatic.

I did chop off a good 12 inches and ended up with a short ‘do that barely grazed my shoulders, but I wish I went all out for the super short pixie cut.  I want to have tried it at least once in my life.  (And why not now while I’m young and feeling adventurous?)

But now, my hair is already beginning to grow out and I’ve been waiting SO IMPATIENTLY.  I already had to endure that awkward not-long, yet not-short phase.  I don’t want to start all over again!

At the time that I knew I wanted a change and was actually contemplating cutting it super short, Tash had just cut her hair the exact same way pretty much.  And we didn’t want to look like twinziez.  That’d be kind of creepy, no?

2 thoughts on “Chop chop dilemma

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