Switching it up!

Tash and I went to H&M the other day to get our last shopping fix in before lent.

I have always loved H&M’s visuals.  They have some legit models that have starred in their ads.  I fell in love with this one in particular.  The brunette is killer!

Thus, I was inspired to get bangs at my next visit to the hair salon!  And surprisingly, I also really love the whole tossled, messy look to go along.  Lately I’ve been so obsessed with the old hollywood glamour, like the very common Kate Bosworth red carpet look, very sleek and chic.

I was really scared to make the change.  I haven’t had bangs since I was probably seven years old. Buuuut I’m so glad I went for it!  I love it!  Looks completely different, right?! Look how adventurous and spontaneous and mysterious I look now!! (HAHA)

(Hopefully I don’t realize I need new clothes to go with the new ‘do.  I’d have to wait another 40 days for that…)

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