Toga toga, every day

With October 31 falling on Monday this year, which happens to be the very first day of our new course (figures), my classmates and I decided to get all of our Halloween celebrations and dressing-up urges out of our systems this weekend.

Since, a.) Halloween is not widely celebrated here, and thus, there are no one-stop shops for costumes, b.) We have been reading and prepping this entire week and wouldn’t have had the time to shop around and be creative,  and c.) We’re broke, starving grad school students, a couple of the girls came up with a brilliant idea…

Toga Party!  This makes it easy to be resourceful and throw together what’s laying around the house, last minute.  BED SHEETS!

Although I myself won’t be rocking sheets, being as though I only have one, and I’d rather not cuddle up to a bare bed tonight.  I just basically grabbed anything cream in my closet (I don’t have any white, I’ve realized).

These are the ingredients of my concoction:

*American Apparel backless dress + Free People strapless lace dress + My mom’s old Liz Claiborne lamb’s wool pleated skirt from the 80s =

And TA-DA!  This is what I came up with:

I love this Toga Party idea!  Brings me back to my obsession with the Greek-inspired dresses that were big on the runways in 2008, like this Alberta Ferretti look:

One thing that’s in now that I want to play with for tonight’s festivities, Cat Eyes.

Anything ranging from Amy Winehouse’s signature dramatic interpretation, to Audrey Hepburn’s subtle, soft, classic look – making up your own variation of the look, either amped up for nights out or turned down for the daytime, this is definitely a fun trend worth trying out.

Maybe I’ll channel my inner Elizabeth Taylor Egyptian Queen tonight.

For more Grecian goddess inspired looks and examples of the cat-eye, or any other current trends that might inspire a Halloween costume idea for yourself, make a visit to  Love it.

*Oh!  And the American Apparel (Zig Zag Lace Scoop Back) Dress is still available!  Comes in black, too.  I was excited to find it.  Super thin and not the highest quality, but cute when you layer it with other shiz.

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