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This past weekend, I took the most amazing weekend trip to Italy. I spent time in Venice and Verona, and it was absolutely gorgeous, breathtaking – very literally breathtaking; as I walked around, I can honestly say that I gasped out loud more than a dozen times per couple minutes.  And on top of that, I have this issue where I’m really unaware of my facial expressions until someone points it out. I’m sure my eyes and mouth were wide open, jaw dropped near to the floor. It is really genuinely difficult to express in words how beautiful is was, truly unreal. Here’s the gist:

After my mind was able to actually process where I was and the fact that I wasn’t dreaming, I was able to take in everything else. One thing that was absolutely intriguing to me – the fashion. Everyone is so well-dressed. I found inspiration everywhere. Italians, tourists, everyone. Such a blend of different tastes, attitudes, styles. Here are a couple trends that were memorable:

1. Athletic casual.

The first day, I made the very poor decision of wearing high-heeled boots. I walked the entire day, from about 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. My feet wanted to fall off mid-day. But I didn’t want to compromise my cute outfit (don’t judge me). Then I saw this girl rocking a blazer, chunky scarf, harem pants, Vintage Nike high-tops, and a Louis bag. I absolutely loved it! Warmth, comfort, and still lookin’ fly.  Smart girl.

Cool Traveler

2. Blacked out.

I know color blocking and bright hues have been in, but I’m sorry, I’m obsessed with the instantly classic, clean, sharp look that an all-black outfit brings. I love wearing all black, and I LOVE when my man wears all black. Always effortlessly chic/badass. Especially with some classic Wayfarer Ray-Bans.

All black, everything.

3. Warm and fuzzy.

I must say, Italy has some of the most stylin’ grandmas I have ever seen in my life.  Fur is so in for fall, and they are definitely keeping up with that trend.  Every random color of the rainbow was represented in some old lady’s fur coat.  And I must say, I’ve never been super into fur, but they looked absolutely fabulous.  One lady was in a bright purple one.  Props.  I especially loved this one lady’s ensemble: Orange lipstick, black and white fur coat, white, short bob, and tortoise shell shades.  What can I say, as someone who already loves to dress like a grandma on an everyday basis (oversized knit sweaters are basically my life), I am definitely one to appreciate it even more so/be super excited when I see a grandma that is particularly trendy.

And P.S., I’m sure some of these fur coats are real fur, but I personally would only go with faux fur.  Please don’t throw red paint on me.

Fur Real

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