Thanksgiving far away from home

Right about now, our lazy butts would be just waking up.  We would go room to room to say “Happy Thanksgiving” to everyone, but of course, we would be the only ones still in our bedrooms (and pj’s).  The sounds of clinking, sizzling, opening of cupboards, slippers on the tile, as well as the most mouth-watering aromas, would be coming from downstairs in the kitchen, where Mom would be getting started on preparations for the Thanksgiving meal.  The sound of football on TV would be coming from Dad’s room, and he would be sitting there watching in his comfy chair, in his beat-up pullover sweater with a big knitted blanket (made by Grandma) in his lap.  We would go downstairs, greet the zoo of pups, and then help mom out with more preparations.  Then we would all take turns showering and getting ready to take our traditional Thanksgiving picture on the stairs.  Then, around 3, we would sit down and thank God we have each other and everything we’d been blessed with for the year, and enjoy an amazing feast.  I miss my family so much today!  But I am away from them on a blessing all on its own.  So thankful for all the people and all the opportunities that I’ve been given in my life.
*I know there are so many others who are far from their families on this day as well, not by choice, but by sacrifice. Special thanks, thoughts, and prayers go out to the men and women of our armed forces all around the world who put their lives on the line and spend precious time and holidays away from their loved ones for the country they love.

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