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Great Gatsby: New Film in the Works

Inspired by the new interpretation of the film due out in December.

Only everything I love: my obsession with the 20s (Jazz age + Louis Armstrong setting the background music in my mind), my recent obsession for short-haired beauties (Carey Mulligan as Daisy!), my perpetually nostalgic personality and, oh yeah, MY FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL TIME.  And seriously Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby??? PERFECTION.

Outside of all that, this book has inspired me in so many ways (artistically: Dr. Eckleberg of LA?), and I refer back to it in my own mind constantly.  Its themes (For one: striving towards that “Green light”) and words move me beyond explanation.  Amazing what great literature is capable of doing to you.

So, all I really want for Christmas this year is to see this movie.  Actually, no, I take it back.  What I really want is for my sisters to bring me my old, beat up copy of the novel from home when they come visit me in December.

Can’t wait to reread it on a cold, rainy day, cuddled up in blankets, pj’s, with hot tea in hand.  All while this world – that Dr. Eckleberg quietly observes on a day to day basis – slowly unfolds in my mind:

A world based on image; high-class, full of glamour, luxury and sophistication. Yet beneath this immediate, external layer, it is seething with mystery, dark alleys, secrets.  And as the characters open up to me, they become complex; the story progresses, superficialities crack open under the weight of a thickening plot… and so emerges complications, lies, infidelity, murder, tragedy…

I can’t wait to get lost in this world that only the words of Mr. Fitzgerald can paint in my mind.  Sheer happiness at the thought.

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