Adele is just the sh*t

I don’t think it is really a surprise to anyone that Adele walked away with six Grammys this year, winning in all of the categories she was nominated for, including the biggie, album of the year, for 21.

I’ll never forget the first time I heard the full album, exactly a year ago, when my coworker asked me if I’d heard it yet, as it had just been released in the States.  It was back when I was working at Guess and we were doing a new floor set, so we had pretty much all night.  He played it for me in its entirety.  I loved every song.

But I distinctly remember when he played the live version of “Someone Like You.”  And instantaneously, it just took this powerful grip on these heart strings of mine, reverberating with all the emotions and chills that only truly great music has the ability to invoke upon first listen.  It was just so vulnerable and heartbreaking.  There I was, steamer in hand, naked manakin body parts strewn at my feat, tearing up from a Adele song about coming to terms with a broken relationship when I myself couldn’t be more happy with where I was in my own.  But for all of five minutes, I was in her place of heartache.  I was moved.

She looked stunning in Giorgio Armani at the Grammys this year.  And “Rumor Has It,” (ba-dum-chh!) she is Vogue’s March 2012 cover girl.  What an amazing time for her.

And really though, all her haters can suck it.

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