My go-to’s

It’s freezing in my apartment, always.

Being cold and being sick provides very little motivation for wanting to get out of bed any sooner than need be just to get all cute and ready for my day.

Thus, I have my go-to’s…my “lazy” outfits, if you will.  Because while on days like these I don’t feel like putting together the perfectly coordinated, fashionable ensemble, I don’t want to just roll out in sweatpants (though believe me, I’ve had my share of those DGAF days).

Option #1: Huge knit sweaters.

Here’s me last summer, coming straight from a brief, early morning (casual, non-dress code) work meeting.  Met Tash at the beach right after.  Her prediction of how it went was along the lines of: “First order of business, who the F!@% hired grimey wannabe Asian Olsen twin over there.”

Option #2: Flannels.

Keep Calm and Go Plaid


Option #3: Ponchos.

Leggings with everything, that goes without saying.  And when my hair gets cray cray, which is about 90% of the time these days, that’s when a beanie or some sort of hat is absolutely necessary.

Lazy day outfits are also great no-brainer options for those anxiety-stricken mornings when you realize your alarm didn’t go off and class starts in 15 minutes.

This was me today.  As you can see, I went with option #2.  Hoodie, flannel, beanie, and borderline dude-looking.  But I still dig it.

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