Mother land

I’ve traveled to some amazing places in the past 5 months, and I’m extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to do so.  With each new place I see, the urge I have to see more grows.  I want to see the world.  But one place — a very important place that I have yet to see — has been, lately, calling to me more than ever.

I really want to go to Vietnam.

How have I not been there, right?  I’m half Vietnamese, my mother was born and raised there.  I am 24 years old and have never been to this place that is such a huge part of who I am.

But it’s complicated.  My mom has been waiting for the right time to bring my sisters and I back to this place.  This place that was her home.  This place with such bittersweet, strong emotions permanently attached.  But this place that will always be her home, where a huge part of her heart still resides.

When she last went to visit and came home with pictures, I was finally old enough to appreciate them.  They were absolutely beautiful.  This was back when I was in high school, a good 8 or so years ago.  I think about it often.  More and more people I know are traveling there, to Asia in general.  My friend here in Malta got a postcard from her friend whose travels have taken her to Vietnam.  When I was in Prague in January, I met an American girl who is also Vietnamese.  Her next stop after Europe: Asia.  And now, as I write this, she is in Ho Chi Minh City.

Now, what do I come across?  Free People’s March catalogue photos are gorgeous, shot in Vietnam.

All the signs lead me to this conclusion: I need to go.  Soon.

Images via Studded Hearts.

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