Worry-free day (for at least a few hours)

Unfortunately for myself and my classmates, tonight will be far from a green beer-consuming, Irish Car Bomb-chugging, throwin’ back Jameson shots, St. Paddy’s Day Rager-kind of evening.

Yup, got an assignment due tomorrow evening.  Kind of a burn.

But due to the recent appearance of blue skies and amazing Mediterranean sun, plus my new favorite thing in the world being basking in its rays on my rooftop, we needed an excuse for a paper-writing breather.  Thus, it was our (very last-minute!) idea to do a St. Patrick’s Day brunch on the rooftop!

Green foods, mostly natural aside from the rainbow-colored chocolate covered peanuts (wouldn’t be a true St. Patrick’s Day without some sort of chemical, unnatural form of food dyes, right?).  Great company.  And a nice tan to take from the day.

Good news: I’m perfectly content and relaxed.

Bad news: I’m not in any sort of mood to be doing my assignment.  Crap.


2 thoughts on “Worry-free day (for at least a few hours)

    • Haha, yes they are, locally made, and I probably paid more for them than regular M&M’s! When I paid more for the tiny tub of those chocolate-covered peanuts than a whole bag of fruit I remembered all the reasons that buying healthy food was much more worth it 😉

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