Be kind to your feet

As previously mentioned, RON AND I WERE ALL OVER THE ISLAND for the past couple days — I’ve been taking him all over, showing him all the places and foods here in Malta that I love.  And we weren’t done.  We had a lot of activity planned through the rest of the week up until we leave for our cruise.

But sometimes life goes, “Ehh, I don’t like those plans.”

Walking up my street from the rough bus ride from Rabat to Sliema after our day spent at Mdina, the little nagging pain I’d felt in my left foot during the course of day was getting worse, and I started limping.

Uh oh.  Déjà vu.

Early in the school year, I wanted to do some exploring.  So I opted out of the daily bus ride from school to home, and took the hour-long walk instead.  I was wearing these gray sandals that definitely don’t provide sufficient foot support.  A day later, I realized the trek had done something serious to my left foot, right at the arch, and putting pressure on it was painful.  I thought it was a stress fracture, some of my classmates thought it was just a strain.  I’ll never know because I never went to the doctor’s.  Either way, that ish didn’t feel back to normal for another month.

As I hobbled up the hill towards the apartment with Ron, it dawned on me.  The day prior, we took that same walk from Sliema to Valletta, and then back.  And I wore those damn grey sandals.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

So rather than waking up early yesterday to island hop over to Gozo for the day, and rather than laying out on the sandy beaches of Golden Bay today, we stayed home.  And I’ve been just icing my foot,  PRAYING that it heals before we do a lot of walking at each stop of our cruise.

Ugh, I am so stupid and stubborn sometimes.  I know my shoes are all of terrible quality, yet I walk around for hours in them anyway.  But what’s a girl to do when she wants to travel in style?  Why do the cutest shoes have to be the worst for your feet?


While icing the swollen foot, I have been browsing around for cute shoes, more on the comfortable side.  I really like classic Nike high-tops, as you know.  And I’ve always loved classic Chucks.  Sperry’s are cute, too.  Check out the metallic ones!  I love!

Not that I will give up on my six inch heels and strappy sandals, but wearing actual shoes every once in awhile will likely result in much happier feet.  And are an absolute must when traveling and hours of walking are involved.

I definitely should invest in a couple more pairs.

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