“Those are…reeeal baggy.”

Sometimes the things I wear are a bit much for my boyfriend to appreciate.

Hence the title of this post, his response to my “Babe, what do you think?” as I emerged from my bedroom in today’s chosen outfit.

And it makes sense that he was a little weary of my Sparkle & Fade black wide-leg pants I got from Urban Outfitters — I got them almost a year ago and still have yet to wear them. Either I didn’t have a place to wear them, didn’t feel confident enough to rock them, or had no idea what to wear them with.

But after getting my mullet cut today, I was feeling that new ‘do confidence boost.


Sorry babe, but I love it.

Of course the pair I own are black (me and my black on black on black obsession), but I also love it in neutrals and white for the perfect light and breezy look this summer. And in prints! Gotta love floral.

The ones I ordered awhile back are, surprise surprise, sold out! But UO has a pleated version by Staring at Stars available here.


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