Day (or late night) in the life of a sleep-deprived grad student

Tried to take a power nap during the Laker game because I was tired from a messed up sleeping schedule as a result of the past couple days/nights working on my assignment (plus I was dismissed from watching as a result of accidentally screaming, “OH MY GOD!!!!” right in Ron’s ear upon witnessing Metta World Peace’s death elbow throw).  My body was just so tired, yet I couldn’t really fall into a deep sleep, heart racing like no other.  Perhaps from the 3 consecutive cups of coffee in about an hour’s time.  Or from the high level of tension coming from the next room — The sounds of commentary from the game + Ron freaking the eff out during the OT’s.  All this chaos made my mind put me in a dream that I was AT the game, sitting court side.  AND I was sitting next to Ryan Gosling.  

Now, I don’t know if he even likes the Lakers in real life, but that’s what you get for kicking me out of the kitchen, Ron.  


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