Paradise fit for Greek mythology

On one of our island hopping stops from Malta, to Comino, to Gozo, we went to Calypso’s cave.  This was the home of the nymph Calypso, and where she kept Odysseus as her prisoner of love for seven years in the world Homer created with his words in the famous epic poem.

Not surprising that a place like this would inspire that imagination.

All around her cave
trees were in bloom, alder and sweet-smelling cypress,
and poplar, too, with long-winged birds nesting there—
owls, hawks, and chattering sea crows, who spend their time
out on the water. A garden vine, fully ripe
and rich with grapes, trailed through the hollow cave.
From four fountains, close to each other in a row,
clear water flowed in various directions,
and all around soft meadows spread out in full bloom
with violets and parsley. Even a god,
who lives forever, coming there, would be amazed
to see it, and his heart would fill with pleasure.

Homer — The Odyssey

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