Tropical squeeze

On this sticky, breezeless, Malta afternoon, I’m reminded yet again that I am definitely a sweater.  (And I’m not talking the kind you get on Christmas from grandma).  No, I’m talking the kind of person who perspires profusely during activity that requires as little energy exertion as opening a jar of peanut butter.

To be fair, it’s 6 p.m., 91 degrees, and extremely humid.

These past few days now that have yielded the kind of heat that drains every drop of energy left in your body is not so much appreciated at the moment.  I have the first part of my thesis to write, and far too much to do before I move out of my apartment in two days (holy sh*t).

With sweat dripping off my nose in this cafe and every movement I make feeling as if it is in slow motion, I think it’s safe to say I’m having a hard time focusing.  Really doesn’t help that I look straight out the window, and what do I see?  Beach and ocean.

All I want to do is jump in the water!  And lounge with a cool summer cocktail.  The Planet Blue summer lookbook is only aggravating the feeling.

Love everything about it.  Vibrant and fun.   Killer styling, per-usual.  The beach, the sand…  All making this California girl miss home.

Two.  More.  Weeks.

View the whole Planet Blue summer lookbook here.


One thought on “Tropical squeeze

  1. Wow 2 more days huh??? You got this girl! Do what you need to do and just remember, you can always come back to Malta. Plus, when you back to Cali – they’ll be plenty of sunshine and fun to go around for you!

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