Here I go again

So, (if you read my last post), scoffing at my dir-tay mess of a room and laughing in the face of my dust-laden (LITERALLY) treadmill …didn’t last long.  I can’t stand a messy environment, I’m ready to get more fit and healthy, the job hunt has begun, and I am ready to get back into a routine.

Dusting off the treadmill + Insanity Plyometric Cardio

The working out part: don’t get me wrong, breaking from my last three-month long routine/health kick was kind of nice.  Took two weeks off and traveled to Italy and Spain.  Ate all the carbs I could get my hands on.  Drank lots of beer and wine (Oh, lots of wine).  Life was good.  Only problem is I extended that vacation even after I’d arrived back home to good ol’ sunny Southern California.  And now, I’m realizing my two week vacation has turned into a two month vacation.

Bye, bye body that was a product of two-months solid of two-a-days, P90X, lifting, clean-eating.  Sad times.Muscles a la P90X, Aquavita and eating clean

Not really.  Getting back into it again.  I know I’ve done it, and I know I can do it again.  Not going to lie, I’m frustrated.  The beginning always is.  But the sooner I get back into it, the sooner it will become habit, and the easier it will get.  Well, maybe not easier.  Because who wants an easy workout?  Let’s say…more fun?

Old routine: eating clean, P90X, and lifting with 2 litre water bottles as weights.

New routine: sub the P90X with Insanity, and sub the water bottles with real dumbbells.

Just started today.  Oh Shaun T, did you kick my ass.  Looking forward to tomorrow, and the day after that, and after that, and after that…

(Hoping this streak isn’t interrupted by another vacation.  Stay tuned.)

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