Camouflaging to stand out

One thing I’ve noticed about my style is that it’s gotten much more laid-back.  Likely reflecting my current lifestyle.

One year ago:  Blazers, dark denim, 6-inch heels, hair done up, fully accessorized.  9-5 Guess? shifts.  Nights out in Downtown, San Diego.

This summer: denim shorts, casual tops, t-shirts, gladiators, Chucks.  Post-grad/job-hunting transitionary phase.  Day adventures in Downtown Los Angeles.  The Grove.  Pacific Beach bars.  Farmer’s Market.  Ocean Beach pier.

But I refuse to be boring just because I dress down.  Prints predominate my casual style these days.  I was in a super floral stage.  But I must say, I’m feeling the Camo Craze theze dayz.

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