Men of the SAG Awards: All pressed up in black and white

I have been gushing over the girls thus far this awards season. But I realize I have yet to show the men of film and television the love they deserve.

Men’s red carpet fashions may not be as intricate or extravagant as the women’s, which I guess isn’t as exciting. But that’s fine with me. Call it my love for Classic Hollywood coming into the foreplay, but I appreciate the simplicity of a man in black and white. Keeping it classic is the appeal. Otherwise you just look like a ridiculous clown in oversized bows, gaudy suedes, and clashing prints (the Grammy’s aren’t here just yet).

My favorites of the 2013 SAG Awards:

Ben Affleck in Prada.

Bradley Cooper in Tom Ford.

John Krasinkski in Calvin Klein Collection.

There are always exceptions.  The following may not be black and white, but the fits are still exceptional.  They took risks, but in good taste and in one subtle direction:

Eddie Redmayne in BOSS Black.

Mr. On His Suit and Tie Sh*t himself, breaking his own rules, JT in Tom Ford.

Images via

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