Work it with what you’ve got

“I have NOTHING to wear.”

You’ve said it, I’ve said it.  Who hasn’t?  We all get sick of our old wardrobe and crave something new.  But before you go breaking the bank on some new threads just for the night, take another gander at that closet of yours you just seriously slandered.  Be creative, mix and match, play with what you’ve got.  There may be some hidden treasures in there that you never thought you’d find.

For example: my black, satin, pencil skirt doubles nicely for a sophisticated, interview-appropriate outfit, as well as for a chic, night-out ensemble.

The Pencil Skirt

Helpful tip:  When shopping, try to buy staple, classic pieces that you can do a lot of different things with.  That way, in a year, you can still wear that staple piece, just jazzed up and recreated based on the latest trends.

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