Super Bowl XLVII: Bey for the win

How could I NOT take the time to discuss Beyoncé’s performance at the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII half-time show?

There were high expectations for this performance, and in my opinion, she lived up to the hype.  I feel like it is indisputable what an amazing entertainer she is.

AND Kelly and Michelle joined her onstage for a Destiny’s Child reunion?  I was screaming all alone in my house and freaking out like I was 12 again (and severely scared my poor pups who were snoozing by my side.  They don’t care much for football).

Though I must concede to the fact that Bey’s portion alone was a little bit risqué for young viewers, I loved it (plus, I don’t have kids so that’s not really my concern, I guess).  It was the performance we expect from her: amazing costume, custom-fit to outline and accentuate every curve of her already-incredible bod, a lot of hair flipping, badass vocals (lip synching or not, we know she has ’em), and killer dance moves.  She is mesmerizing.

Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Performance Destiny's Child Reunion Super Bowl Halftime Performance

The main thing I would like to point out, something that I think is absolutely necessary, is the fact that Beyonce makes some crazy faces while she performs.  Tonight was no exception.

Not hating at all.  First of all, I love John Mayer.  King of melted/distorted face during performances.  That’s saying enough there.  But really, I love her more for it.  It is something I respect greatly.  Because that is what happens when you are going 110% and DGAF about anyone else.

I feel a kinship to this highly dramatic, external display of internal passion.  Coming from a girl who has been known for having a rather serious “game face” playing sports (running high school track, it was pretty much a sure bet that by the time I hit the last roundabout, I’d become transformed into a rapid bulldog–drooling, grunting, and with a strong underbite–as I pushed to the finish line), dancing at clubs…doing normal everyday things, really…

Go on and do your thing Bey.  You give your all.  They’re just jealous.  I love you.

photo 1

(I took these photos, so please don’t steal them. They are very high-grade, aka iPhone point and shoot at TV screen.)

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