My 20/20 Experience

Now, I’m no music expert. But A.) I love music and am passionate about what I like (like everyone) and B.) I analyze everything like life is one big AP Literature assignment.

But most importantly, C.) Who isn’t freaking obsessed and buzzing with anticipation over Justin Timberlake right now?

Ok, ok, I’m biased. It’s true. I’ve been in love since the N*Sync baby Justin fro days — I got JT, Michele got JC, and Tash had Lance (which figures he’s gay now). I have loved each new album, boy band to solo, progressively more than the last. Each film, SNL sketch, appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I may or may not have secretly shed a tear when he and Jessica Biel first announced their engagement. Yes, I admit it. Just like any other girl who grew up in the 90s, I’m a big JT fan.


But from the first listen Suit and Tie, to the debut performance of Pusher Love Girl via low quality World Star Hip Hop video, to Mirrors, to the full album free stream on iTunes (that I have been playing on loop, NON-STOP), The 20/20 Experience is an album that I love so much, I had to profess it to the blogosphere.

There is so much to love, and so many emotions that it invokes, that I could quite honestly talk about it for hours. But I’ll reduce it all down to three reasons as briefly as possible:

1. BF JT

As mentioned, I first heard Pusher Love Girl  when  he performed it for the first time ever at a Super Bowl party via bootleg video recording.  My boyfriend posted the video on my Facebook wall along with the words, “Enjoy girl” — then I hit play, and was instantly wooed in all the ways beyond that of any girl’s wildest dreams:

The grand introduction of strings, making you feel like you are being taken back in time and into an illustrious ballroom setting of an Old Hollywood film.  Those sweet, sweet JT harmonies filled with the most simple, potentially cheesy words that actually translate as incredibly endearing (probably just because it’s JT).  “‘Cause I can always see the farthest stars when I’m on you.”  *SWOON*

But really, opening the onslaught of ridiculously charming lines with, “Hey, little mama”??  I would probably slap a dude on the street if he ever dare say that to me, but tell me why it is incredibly sexy coming from JT.

Honestly, this song could be my favorite.

And with my boyfriend being the one to introduce me to the song in the first place, now I associate it with him.  Right when I hear it, I think of him and it makes me happy.  He and his “Enjoy, girl” with the “Hey, little mama,” and “All I want is you, baby,” and the music is just going, and I get all lovey dovey…then JT is singing to me…no, Ron is singing to me…and somewhere in there, he and JT get muddled together, and well… that does nothing but good for him.

Boyfriend or JT is Boyfriend is JT

Ok, wait, I really like this.

2. Where am I?

From traveling back in time to the 60s and into the audience of a Motown-inspired set (band, dapper suits, synchronized dance moves: check, check and check) with Suit and Tie, to a candy shop with Strawberry Bubblegum, to outer space with Spaceship Coupe, to underwater with Blue Ocean Floor.

Every place that I am intended to be transported to, I am there.  Completely.  One minute, I am in the infinite, timeless abyss that is space among planets and stars.  A couple minutes later, time is frozen as I’m underwater; real sounds and the real world are so far above me at the surface, that I forget them entirely.  His music really takes me away, and who wouldn’t want that.

Pusher Love Girl/Suit and Tie
Strawberry Bubblegum

Blue Ocean Floor

And even from what has been musically created, a unique story exists that I have created in my own mind based upon it.  The entire album just feels like a dream — the kind that takes you from one place to another, to anywhere you want, without boundaries or limits.  Because your own world and your own mind have none.  Because the way she makes you feel, there are none.  Bringing me to my next point.

3. That Girl

This song is not only one of my favorites in and of itself, but it represents why I love the album as a whole.  And is really what makes reasons #1 and #2.

The entire time, the focus is on one girl.  The girl.  If you’re a dude, these songs are what you want to be singing to her, dancing with her to.  If you’re a girl, that her is you.

This world, this dream that is created, is for just he and she.  Because only that person exists.  It’s the journey.  It’s seeing her for the first time, talking to her for the first time.  It’s falling in love, it’s being in love, it’s staying in love.  If you haven’t found it yet, it makes you want to.  And if you have, it reminds you of how you felt when you did, and makes you want to do it all over again.

I’m sick of music that brags about how many chicks he’s laid, or about another b!%@$ he met at the club, or about how lucky they all are to be in his Sex God-presence.  And I’m sick of a nice ass being the extent of a woman’s identity, her impact merely a passing feeling of sexual arousal until it’s on to the next.  No, Lil Wayne, we don’t think it’s hot nor badass that you would f*ck every girl in the world.  We just think you are nasty and have a ton of STDs.

The 20/20 Experience dedicates minute 1 through minute 70 to not just identifying this girl, but spilling his guts for her.  And he is not shy about expressing how high on Cloud 9 he is for her.  THAT is a man.  THAT is cool.  And that, gentlemen of the world, is what we ladies find downright sexy.

Justin Timberlake Suit and Tie

Needless to say I’ve pre-ordered it, as the album doesn’t drop until the 19th.  If you have not listened to the full album continuously from beginning to end, I suggest you do so.  NOW.

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