Ten simple ways to live greener

Happy Earth Day!

Today is a great day to remind ourselves of the impact our everyday actions can have on our world.  From our daily habits, to the products we buy, to the things that we wear; these simple decisions can make a difference.

Earth Day outfit

Three Decisions: (1) DIY distressed, black shorts made from an old pair of denim I thought I no longer wanted. (2) Top from H&M Conscious made from 100% recycled materials. (3) Tumbler for my coffee made from home — no Starbucks paper waste from me today.

Let’s strive for a more sustainable way of living and stop wasting our precious resources (and money!).  Here ten ways I try to live and save green every day:

1. Go with fluorescent light bulbs when your older incandescent ones burn out.

2. Hang to dry.

Hanging clothes in Venice

“Do as the Romans do.” …Or as this current-day family in Venice, Italy.

3. Walk more.

4. Do it yourself.

Home grown

Grow it yourself.

5. Invest in reusable and portable: grocery bags, water bottles (trade in plastic for aluminum), and coffee mugs.

6. Buy locally.

Buy at the Farmer's Market

A day at your local Farmer’s Market will not only keep your money in the local economy, but make you SO. HAPPY. Promise.

7. Buy secondhand or borrow.

Buy secondhand or borrow: books.

Old books look so much cooler anyway.

8. Don’t leave the water running while brushing your teeth.

9. Buy from brands who are eco-conscious.

photo 1

Like H&M, Ekocycle, or any one of Interbrand’s Best Global Green Brands of 2012.

(Shop H&M Conscious Collection and Ekocycle; View the entire Top 50 of Interbrand’s Best Global Green Brands of 2012.)

10. Take the time to recycle.

Visit WorldWatch.org for more ways to live a more sustainable life.  And reward yourself: Go outside!  It’s a beautiful day to enjoy our Earth.

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