She Get It From Her Mama

Grey S/S 2013.  Bianca Balti, the face of D&G, and her daughter.  Cutest.  Thing.  Ever.

Bianca Balti Matilde and daughterBianca-Balti-Matilde-Lucidi-by-Martin-Parr-Daily-Chores-Grey-8-Spring-Summer-2013-7Bianca-Balti-Matilde-Lucidi-by-Martin-Parr-Daily-Chores-Grey-8-Spring-Summer-2013-2Bianca-Balti-Matilde-Lucidi-by-Martin-Parr-Daily-Chores-Grey-8-Spring-Summer-2013-3Bianca-Balti-Matilde-Lucidi-by-Martin-Parr-Daily-Chores-Grey-8-Spring-Summer-2013-4Bianca-Balti-Matilde-Lucidi-by-Martin-Parr-Daily-Chores-Grey-8-Spring-Summer-2013-5Bianca-Balti-Matilde-Lucidi-by-Martin-Parr-Daily-Chores-Grey-8-Spring-Summer-2013-6Bianca-Balti-Matilde-Lucidi-by-Martin-Parr-Daily-Chores-Grey-8-Spring-Summer-2013-9

Nothing like the bond between mother and daughter.  Or like mother and daughter in matching floral and sunnies.  Dying over the last look.

(Photos via Studded Hearts.)



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