Dirty hair don’t care

Summer is just around the corner. And the summertime means…greasy hair.

It may seem “un-American” not to wash your hair every day. But the truth is, doing so is not in the best interest of your hair health. Shampooing strips your hair of its natural oils, specifically sebum. Then, the oil glands compensate by producing more oil, and your hair actually becomes greasier. Michelle Hanjani, dermatologist at Columbia University, actually recommends her patients wash their hair no more than three times a week.

I used to wash my hair every day because I was extremely active in sports and extremely OCD; I had to shower and wash my hair after every single practice and game. But now, in addition to swapping out my harsh, chemical-loaded shampoo for a sulfate free, natural alternative, I try to wash my hair every other day instead.

But let’s face it: dirty hair isn’t cute. In addition to dry shampoos and baby powder to absorb the oil, hair accessories are the best way to cover it up and still look good. I am obsessed with hair wraps and bandanas as a dirty hair combatant. And there are so many different ways to wrap and style.


Love this look! But if head wraps aren’t quite your thing, hats are always an easy go-to.

(Source: NPR.org)

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