Sisterhood of the Traveling…Sisters

Wanderlust Wednesday dedicated to sisters.  Because traveling with them makes the experience feel more whole.

The Grand Canyon in Arizona

The Colosseum in Rome, Italy Beaches of Costa Rica Temple Bar in Dublin, Ireland Parc Guell in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain Florence, Italy The Azure Window in Gozo, Malta Gull Lake, California  Downtown Nashville, Tennessee Midtown bar in Nashville, Tennessee Bodegas (winery) Jean Leon in Catalonia, Spain Being tourists near Abbey Road Studios in Greater London, England Big Ben in London, England Lugano, Switzerland Valletta in the distance from Sliema, Malta Windblown at the top of Mdina, Malta River Rhine cruise in Germany Eiffel Tower in Paris, France Beaches of Puerto Vallerta, Mexico Red wine and dinner at restaurant across from The Coloseum in Rome, Italy Lucerne, Switzerland Beaches of Thailand Inside the Vatican Museum in Rome, Italy Gondola ride through the canals of Venice, Italy


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