The dress alternative

There’s nothing worse than showing up to a club or an event and seeing that someone else is also wearing your dress.

Ok, there are a lot of worse things, but the above-mentioned scenario is still neither fun nor comfortable. This is why whenever I dress for a night out, I try to be as unique as possible, which usually means mixing and matching pieces.

And to take the statement-making efforts one step further, I have been opting for pants over dress/skirt options.

Not only is it more unique, but there are functional benefits. Wearing pants, you don’t have to worry about a windy night, or about your skirt failing to follow the rest of you as you drop it down low on the dance floor.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Harem trousers.

“Skirts are hopeless. Anytime I hear a man say he prefers a woman in a skirt, I say, ‘Try one. Try a skirt.’”

Take a cue from Katherine Hepburn herself, as well as other style icons Bianca Jagger and Diane Keaton: Mix in some menswear-inspired pieces. I love setting off a mostly androgynous look with feminine details. And adding a pop of color makes it modern and fun.

harem trousers and blazer_the dress alternative

2. Printed pants.

Not only are they incredibly chic with heels, but they’re COMFORTABLE.

See, here’s the way I look at it: I already know my feet are going to be aching by the end of the night. Let’s be real, if the shoes are killer, I don’t care if they are going to literally kill my feet. So why not make the rest comfortable?

I’d rather not have to worry about accidentally giving the club a free show, or suffocating in my bandage skirt. Wearing essentially pajama pants to a club? Sign me up. (But make sure you do it right so that it doesn’t actually look like you are wearing pajama pants to the club.)

So there you have it, ladies. This weekend, give the dress a break and put on your dancing pants. Get a little creative and I promise you will stand out.

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