Emma Stone: Spider-Man 2 Promo Tour Style

I have never wanted a red carpet dress more in my entire life before seeing Emma Stone in Prada at the New York premiere of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 last night.  WOW. She looks absolutely phenomenal.

Emma Stone in Prada for Spider-Man 2 Premiere

On the theme of cremes and neutrals, she looks equally as gorgeous in Victoria Beckham, pictured here alongside her boyfriend and costar Andrew Garfield at the after party.  (P.S. Did you guys check out this clip of Emma totally calling Andrew out on a pretty sexist remark? Not that I don’t adore him, and not that we all don’t make mistakes…but we should also all be reminded from time to time how important our words are and how not to use them. Loved it, you go girl.)

Emma Stone in Victoria Beckham at the New York Premiere After Party

And on a separate note, she is totally making me want to chop up my hair and bangs (and completely go back on the promise I made myself to not touch the length of my hair – it’s been such a long journey to get where I am now). But she has managed to win me over completely.


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