A world-traveling hippie and career-oriented marketer walk into a La Cocina

Facebook is an interesting tool. While I agree with the argument that it keeps us confined in our little social bubbles and doesn’t as much encourage interactions outside of that, using it to go back in time and track your friendship with someone is pretty entertaining.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because now that I broke the big news of my travel plans to Nepal, now comes the with who, why and what for.

Had I never met/kept in touch with my old high school friend Jordan, aforementioned in the previous post, this trip would have never come to be. I tried to think of the best way to break down our on-and-0ff-again friendship since 2002, and I found Facebook, with its detailed timelines of conversations and exchanges through the years, to be a great tool for refreshing my memory. It really tells the story of our friendship, how we’ve managed to keep in touch, and how we’ve each evolved since high school.

Here’s the story: Lab partners in Mr. Van Duzee’s 9th grade Honors Biology class back at Saugus High School. Became great friends. Had many more classes throughout high school. I was the over-achieving, high-strung, voted “Most Likely to Stress Over Everything,” juggling ASB/basketball/track/soccer goodie-girl. Not much really changed through the course of high school.

15-year-old Ev

Jordan was this interesting mix of “Varsity football is my life”/”Do you even lift, bro?”/creative filmmaker/DGAF about administration as I create low-key inappropriate videos to air on SNL, our high school’s morning news show.

Much like his hairstyles – bleach blonde, to shaved head, to shoulder-grazing bob, to the man-pony – he evolved and changed quite a bit in high school. And by changed I mean got increasingly douchey with each year (I was lucky enough to meet him when he was just a sweet little freshman who was patient enough to explain to me the lab write up questions I didn’t quite understand). But thank God, he grew out of that phase. Or I got less sensitive. Or both.

15-year-old Jordan

We graduated high school, but managed to stay in touch. I went off to San Diego State, he went to Cal State Long Beach. I pretty much stayed in SoCal while Jordan did the complete opposite and traveled EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere. This guy has been nonstop traveling for as long as I can remember.

High School Grads

Our friendship beyond high school:

It starts off around 2007 with me confessing that I didn’t really get “this Facebook thing” and accidentally posted a comment I meant to share with him on my own wall (what a newb). Then there’s a lot of me making excuses as to why I can’t hang out (I’ve always been a flakey friend, apparently). And then between there and the current time, there’s just a lot of this:

Facebook communication


Now duplicate this exchange every couple of years, while replacing Brittany, France with different destinations from all around the world, and that about sums up our friendship.

The constant: I was always here, and he was always gone. I have always been envious. With each and every account of his travels he would share, each blog post he would write, each story on Facebook he would share, I always thought, “Next time he comes home and leaves, I’m coming with.”

Fast forward to July 2014. After three years, we were finally in our hometown at the same time and connected. Long story short: He told me about his project and plans to go to Nepal, and this time I actually decided: I’m coming with.

Now for the why and what for. Check out Jordan’s amazing project, and why I am coming to help:

To get a better understanding of who Jordan is, how we met, how this all came to be, plus more interesting conversation we can all probably relate to on life and change, listen to our podcast interview with Jordan’s dad at Jimmy’s In Tension:




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