Adding to the basket

I’m surprised how quickly it took for me to just vibe with my surroundings and go with the present flow.

I’m not thinking about it, or at least trying not to. I’m kicking off my shoes and walking barefoot in the dirt. I’m letting go of my western world viewpoints and embracing the cultural differences. I’m asking the questions that come to mind, and breathing out the insecurities before they have the chance to settle. I’m taking it all in.

Our journey has brought us to really dope freaking people. People I’m proud to call part of my generation. Critical thinkers, artists. Citizens of the world aware of not only their communities or their country, but the planet. People who believe that what they do makes a difference. People whose stories continuously impress me.

This place we are staying at, the Farmer’s Yard, is not your typical hostel, and unlike any place I’ve ever stayed at.

It was created with more than just the purpose to offer travelers a place to stay. It was intended for those with the curiosity to explore the world and this destination to come stay, but with the consideration to contribute to the land they are so privileged to enjoy. As opposed to the contrary and unfortunately common: Coming and using at will, leaving behind waste and destruction.

If you think about it, it’s so true. We want to travel across the world to these places, to escape, or maybe to just say that we went. But do we care about how we contribute to the communities affected by our consumption? Do we care about how we impact the locals, the cultures who make and are shaped by these very places? Or do we really come and just trash the beaches and destroy the habitats by our own selfish intentions.

The Farmer’s Yard is hoping to create a new, more sustainable way of tourism, for travelers, not “just tourists.”

Be a traveler, not a tourist

They want to grow their own food, build, clean, and tend to this place as a community, and they invite all guests to learn and partake.

Djuka, the guy running this place, is only 22. Holy shit. I would feel so confident in the state of our world if everyone could think and act with a speck of his intentions. This guy is so brilliant and has awareness well beyond his years.

Djuka, who runs Farmer's Yard, jamming on the guitar

Everyone here is just so chill. On first glance this place seems like a hippie Mecca, and low key SNL parody-gold based on all the stereotypes present. Dreds, tattoos, facial hair, all organic, barefoot, dirt under the nails-hippie. And though perhaps that extreme isn’t me and may never be, there are things I will take away from this.

I will always remember what my mom told me when I was young, when she would share her life’s wisdom or beliefs.

When we begin life, we are given a basket. In the beginning, it’s likely that our parents or caretakers will do a great deal of filling it with the things that matter to them, that they hope we will carry.

But as we grow older, there may be things we choose to replace, or simply just take out. And as we learn and grow, we decide what goes in that basket. We choose what stays, we choose what goes. We should never feel like anything placed in it by others need to stay permanently, just as we should never feel satisfied at any point that we have all that we will ever need.

Will I go home and dred my hair and throw away all my shoes and grow and build everything I use and consume? Probably not.

But the Farmer’s Yard contribution to me is the awareness of being a traveler and not just a tourist – to be mindful and open minded of the places I choose to visit. To be mindful of my water usage and the consumption habits that inevitably leave waste. If the peers of my generation are dedicating their life to this, I surely can do my part. Even just the little things. These are the things I choose to keep in my basket.

The more we spread this mentality — the more baskets we fill with it — the better it will be for this planet and how we all coincide together on it.

The Farmer's Yard chicken roaming

Absolutely beautiful and serene. Pictures don't do it justice.

Bunks in the rooms

Common lounge area

From my bunk

From the dining common area looking out

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