Letter from a fellow traveler

On love, bliss, vulnerability, and downfalls. Beautiful words from a beautiful friend:

My dearest Evelyn,

How beautiful it is to be alive and how beautiful it is to have met you; and if our conversation, for one reason or another, serves you as the source of inspiration or light – well, I couldn’t be more grateful to You and the Universe.

Aching heart, turmoil, chaos – gosh, they are our companions, inevitable companions, aren’t they? I have been going through a lot myself this past week. …

But then I just stopped and listened: life is trying to move me in another direction. What we perceive as a downfall is actually a lesson, a class – we have to become still and understand what it is teaching us. My lesson is to remember why I came here to Bali in the first place and to make choices aligned with my vision…

Embrace whatever comes and remember that when a single part of you is broken, this is no reason to see everything as broken (Mark Nepo). I am sending waves of love to you right now; I am sending so much love that the air currents between Bali and Nepal are starting to vibrate and flamingos are awakening from their sleep in Africa; I am sending so much love just because it is the very thing I need myself…. Love.

Travel with an open heart.

Listen to your heart – it’s so beautiful (!) – be wholesome – and follow your bliss.

Don’t let anyone anywhere ever deter you from connecting to your Highest Potential. To your Bliss.

And I once again remind us both that vulnerability, tears, an aching heart – these are not signs of weakness! They are courage. To be brave. To be bold. To feel, love and live boldly.

Living fearlessly requires courage.

A lot of people – out of fear – will try to stop us and reflect their own fears upon us, holding up mirrors and telling us: look how small you are, how fearful you, how insignificant you are…

Well, no thank you.

I know for sure – and I know it to my marrow – that Evelyn is the whole universe. I know that I am the whole universe.

Well, I know that I am a wave and the universe is the ocean. I am doing what the whole universe is doing at the same time (Alan Watts)…

My heart is hurt, still, but I desire nothing more than to Live and Love… Love a man and Love the world… Love myself and Love You… Love my words and Love my Human Existence…

Dear Evelyn, continue travelling, embrace it, yes, if you don’t travel – who will? Your soul needs it. You are travelling within as much as you travelling in a physical dimension.

Meditate. Make sure you become still. Sit there with a cup of tea. Be. And then continue.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write this message to you

Loving, Creating, Seeking Wisdom and Light




P.S. And when the sirens begin calling you home – don’t listen to them, they are just chimeras of the past, and illusions. Let them

I encourage you to read more from this incredible writer, creative, and human being at his website, Let’s Sandbox. I guarantee you will be inspired — by his writing, his stories, his outlook — just as I have. 


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