Letter from my mama

I haven’t shared much with her in the past few weeks, mostly out of fear that she would worry about me, ask me to come home. Then on my most vulnerable evening, when tears flowed from my eyes and my body shook with uncontrollable sobs, I received this email from her. Her words come to my rescue, soothe me when I need it most. She always knows. She is so far away, but so close to my heart. She is with me.

Hi My Baby ,
I don’t know … a lot of things but I do know we love you always it doesn’t matter life changes !!!
I think you should enjoy the new environment, new part of your life time with care of yourself and relax instead of making it like you are running away and try to forget the past … By moving away from the same old environment you would be able to see and feel differently. Carefully, put more ” good stuff ” in your life basket but gently & slowly remove ” old stuff ” so you don’t miss it even  though you always remember it  ! Remember your ” baby dirty blanket ” you had when you was baby but you don’t miss it anymore 🙂  but how difficult it was at that time Daddy had to hide it, cut it to small pieces so you cannot have it for some time, so you did not miss it …. Now we still remember it and cherish that moment but do we miss that blanket ???? No !
But don’t rush to put so many ” stuff ” in your basket … They would make your basket heavy to carry ! But ” take your time to enjoy and smell the flowers on the path of your journey ”
I don’t know what else I can tell you but I do know your happiness or your sadness are mine too ! Love you baby and take good care of yourself physically and mentally !
Do you pray ? Wear the rosary bracelet ! Love you !

Me and mama

2 thoughts on “Letter from my mama

  1. Such a beautiful post Evelyn. What your mama says has so many important lessons in life. Something that particularly resonates with me, because I often find myself struggling with this is when she says: don’t rush to put so many ” stuff” in your basket … They would make your basket heavy to carry ! But ” take your time to enjoy and smell the flowers on the path of your journey “.

    When I experience suffering, I am thankfully often acutely aware of it, and instead of using that same intuition to heal myself, I hurry to mend myself with everything that comes my way! I loose sight of the depth and process and joy that is involved in healing. I always have to remind myself that it takes time and patience to build something strong and beautiful 🙂

    • Yes, she knows me too well! Patience has not always been a strong suit of mine, and it’s something I have to work on every day. What you say is so true! That healing is a process, a journey, which requires time. Your words are a great supplement to that reminder, and inspire me further 🙂 How lovely it is to meet people who not only believe, but help to reinforce such important life lessons. Thank you! xxx

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