New (Super)Moon Intentions

The new moon is tomorrow, and this one is apparently major. Seriously rare celestial alignments are upon us.

Super Moon Intentions

1. Not only is it the new moon, but it will be close to Earth as a Supermoon, which means the electromagnetic energy and interaction with our plant is amplified. And it will happen just five other times within 2015.


2. In the same day, we will experience a Solar Eclipse (only visible to Europe, unfortunately for us). This Supermoon, Sun, Mercury, Chiron and Neptune will all be in their last phases before the eclipse, which will take place in the constellation Pisces.

3. And this is the beginning of Spring, signifying rebirth, regeneration and growth.


Uranus squaring Pluto is all about endings. This time that we are in now is all about tying up the loose ends, old ways and phases in our lives. You may have ended a relationship, a job, a way of thinking or just made a massive shift in where you live or how you go about living. Though these things happen everyday, look around! I have noticed that all of my friends are going through massive shifts in their lives in some way or another and until tonight could not put the puzzle pieces together. There is a synchronicity within all of these celestial events and there is a voice of truth that loops through each one. It is about going deep within into the darkness, away from the light, the visible and finding our hidden truth. Pisces is all about dreamtime and transcending reality as we know it. Before March 20th take time to go deep within, be gentle with yourself emotionally and forgive yourself for endings to old phases. Hold space for cleansing yourself mentally; the people, places and phases that are transitioning out of your life and give gratitude for their lessons. When you empty your vessel you will have space to fill your cup whole and overflow. (The Spirit Science)

I couldn’t find this to be anymore true in my life. Massive shift in mindset is a severe understatement!


I am currently without my notebook that I have been writing my New Moon intentions in for the past few. Usually I write them out and doodle/paint whatever artwork tends to flow from my fingertips. I’m feeling incredibly optimistic and inspired today with all that awaits me in this next chapter of my life, so I was sort of bummed to not have that notebook. But instead I decided to make general, graphic representations digitally of my intentions, hopes and dreams. I made sure to be specific in the notes that I kept for myself, because I think that’s important to do, even if the end goals themselves are not necessarily immediate.

A few other, day-to-day intentions: Drink at least one liter of water a day, pick up two new books, and practice yoga every day.

What will your intentions be?

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