Afterlight, my go-to Instagram photo editing app

I have gotten a few questions on how I create some of my Instagram photos.

Here it is, kids. My Instagram profile beauty secret: Afterlight.

I’ve been using this baby for years. If you’re into making your photos beautiful, it is the best 99 cents you will spend. This is my absolute go-to app that I always, always use.

I have about three different apps that I use for my Instagram photos, but by far, I use Afterlight the most. (I’ll touch on the others in later posts).

Each individual’s aesthetic is unique, and each individual uses the tools differently as a result. Play around and see what you like, what fits your style best.  Here are a few features I use:

I like to keep it pretty simple. I don’t like my photos to be too overexposed as of late, so I typically do just a couple quick fixes. The go-to’s for me are “Clarify,” “Brighten,” and “Shadows” sometimes any of the two in combination, or all three. It all depends on the brightness of the original. All my photos must be bright! And not too over done.

Afterlight photo editing tools 

Borders & Effects
I like to keep mine simple and square (at least for now) but there are so many awesome border effects and other cool tools that can give your photo a vintage, overexposed feel.

Afterlight photo editing effects 

They have the best filters, in my opinion. I find the ones on the actual Instagram app to be too overwhelming. My favorite black and white filter, which I personally always use, is “Ash.”

Afterlight filters

Now this is the little sucker that lots of you have asked me about. They kept this thing hidden, and I think I stumbled upon it way after the fact, and by accident. By far one of the coolest effects.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

Happy creating, all!

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