Big moves ahead, new moon intentions

I am finding that with this new moon, there happens to be a lot going on in my life personally.

The last few months have definitely felt transitionary. I have definitely struggled to maintain steady grounding and balance and figure out what exactly this time in my life is meant to serve.

But I am coming to this point where my feet feel more firmly planted, and there are big things head. I am ready to meet them with these new moon intentions.

What’s in store for you?

Speak & Be True

Be & Speak True

Lots of aquamarine to assist in and open communication. Let it flow freely from the heart. Be true, be confident. Your dreams, YOU, are valid. Do not waver. >> New Moon Intention, June 16

Be Organized, Stay Sharp

Be Organized, Stay Sharp

B.O.S.S. lady. Take notes, be on top of your game. Be a step ahead. >> New Moon Intention, June 16

Listen, Learn, Collaborate

Listen, Learn, Collaborate

Strength in numbers. Set aside ego. Join with like-minded individuals. Share, but listen. Learn. Together we can accomplish more. >> New Moon Intention, June 16


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