What I Wore: Weekend Warrior

In keeping with the pact I made myself to consume less and put a halt on shopping sprees, I have had to be resourceful with mixing and matching what I already have.

I have probably too many black pieces, but I feel like each is so versatile. And I love coming up with new combinations.

What I wore for a Saturday night out in Santa Monica:

All black everything.

1. Black, sheer, short-sleeved button up (opened up).
2. Long, black maxi with high slits.
3. Black, fringe bucket bag.
4. Tall gladiator sandals.
5. Amethyst raw stone choker.

(Psst: Stay tuned for how you can get your hands on #5 straight from Shiva, my friend/artisan jeweler in Nepal. Follow #PDVpreview in the meantime on Instagram.)


I’ve noticed that I’ve taken my outfit choices to a much more bold, in your face, DGAF place. It’s pretty freeing. I think it might be reflective of this point in my life right now.

Also, it appears as thought I’ve officially boycotted bras. Perks of the itty bitties – pun not originally intended but actually awesome.

Anyway, hope your weekend was as fearless (and sheer and open) as this look.

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