What I Wore: Not-So-Wild West

You know you’re getting old when the idea of going anywhere that involves paying a cover, drinking excessive amounts of over-prized cocktails, and wearing uncomfortable shoes/heels sounds like the least appealing idea ever. (We used to enjoy this?)

So you can imagine my excitement when my favorite former coworkers and I had a little reunion planned in LA last weekend and none of the above were on the agenda. What instead? Hanging out at friend’s apartment with Jack (Daniels, that is), chatting, talking shit, catching up… Ubering to Culver City for pizza… returning to said-friend’s apartment for a few Dubsmash video recordings, and calling it a night.

Sounds like a great night out(ish) to me.

This is what that kind of night looked like for me:
cotton tank and skirt (comfort > all), fringe bucket bag, FLATS, suede hat and a statement choker, because that’s the extent of your efforts this Friday night.

(Not so) Wild West Inspired


Spotlight: PDV Shop jewelry made in Pokhara, Nepal.

I’m so into chokers again – letting the 90s child in me run free. Any of these pendants make for the perfect statement necklace or choker, and even better when layered.



As you well know, all the proceeds from this collection go straight to Shiva, the artisanal jeweler who created them and who could greatly use your support post-earthquake(s).

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