Five little changes for a healthier, happier you

So I’m currently on a health kick.  I’ve been eating crazy-healthy, and have been making sure to work out every day.  I’ve been feeling more energized, positive, and very happy about how in-shape I feel these days.

But, alas, there stands a legitimate threat to all this progress I’ve made.

I have some trips booked, coming up soon.  Munich in five days (totally last minute! Trying to live life to the fullest, see all that I can, and take advantage of being so close to all the rest of Europe!) and Mediterranean cruise with my boo in about two weeks.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so excited I could pee myself right now.  But.  As we all know, eating “right” is pretty much thrown out the window in exchange for carbs and everything fatty (synonymous with the word “cruise,” it seems).  And wandering foreign streets, shopping, running for a missed train, or carrying luggage up a flight of stairs is usually the extent of any form of exercise that will take place.

Which, you know what?  I’m fine with.  It comes with the experience, right? RIGHT!

But there are a few habits that I will take along with me to maybe carve off/burn off a few calories here and there:

1.) Eat breakfast.

Try to eat breakfast within 30-60 minutes of waking up to jump-start your metabolism.  Anything high in fiber would be ideal, as it will help stave off hunger by keeping you fuller longer.  (Skipping breakfast altogether is a complete no-no!) As for myself, love me some ooey-gooey oatmeal with banana slices, sprinkled with raisins, and a little bit of soy milk.

2.) Drink your water.

If there’s anything that my boyfriend lectures me about the most, it’s definitely to drink more water.  And (I hate to admit it), but he’s absolutely right.  You don’t need me to tell you all the million benefits of drinking water, but for one, drinking a glass before you eat keeps your body from mistaking thirst for hunger and eating way more than you really need.  I’ve been trying to drink the necessary 2 liters a day, and I can honestly say my overall health benefits from doing so.

3.) Healthy, fiber-packed snacks.

Don’t let yourself go hours on end without eating, then gorge on the fattiest plate of food you can get your hands on.  Carry a little snack with you when you know that you might have to wait awhile before your next meal.  My number one go-to these days: raw almonds.  It has fiber, heart-healthy fats, vitamin E, and alpha-linolenic acid, which helps the body’s fat-burning abilities.  (See more healthy snack options here.)

4.) Portion control.

When I’m on my cruise, I’m going to eat.  And I’m not going to place ridiculous limits on myself, like no-fats, no-carbs…come on.  Not happening. When I am in Munich, I’m drinking beer.  When I’m in Naples, I AM eating pizza.  And Lord knows I will be indulging in some gelato somewhere along the way.

Key: self-control.  Don’t think that you need to clear out your plate.  Leaving a couple bites at the end is fine (especially if you have a garbage-disposal boyfriend to clear out your leftovers after he’s devoured all of his).

Helpful hints according to Victoria Shanta, registered dietitian and author of The Essential Guide to Healthy Healing Foods: “Think about it this way: 1 cup = fist, ½ cup = cupped hand, 3 oz = palm, 1 tablespoon = thumb, 1 teaspoon = thumb tip.”

5.) Add ten.

Ten more minutes to that walk, ten push-ups, ten sit-ups.  Take the stairs.  Little things here and there when you don’t have access to your gym or time for your usual morning jog.  It’s important to have a routine that involves consistently staying active (it’s good for you!), but sometimes you just can’t, so little things here and there can help (push-up/sit-up sesh will definitely be taking place for Ron and I on our cruise!).

Anyway, those are some of the things I have tried to implement into my everyday routine, and things I will (try my best!) to keep up with while I’m globe-trottin’.

I also found these two links to be extremely helpful; little tips that are so easy for anyone to incorporate into his/her daily life!:

1.) How to Get Back on the Weight-Loss Wagon

2.) 52 Little Changes for Big Weight Loss Results

Cheers to healthy living!

5 thoughts on “Five little changes for a healthier, happier you

  1. Hey doll! I LOVE your tips. Yes, the extent of my workout has been dragging my bag around when almost missing the bus/train/flight…walking around everywhere so that my wallet still loves me.. lol.

    I love the ‘add ten’ tip. This is a great motivational article for travelers to stay fit! Keep it coming, please 🙂

    P.S. I reunite with my boo in 2 weeks time as well!!! AAAH!

    Cathy Trails

    • Thank you, love! Have gotten lots of GREAT tips from you, so if I could return the favor that makes me happy 🙂

      SO EXCITED for you! Rendezvousing with your love in Paris, right!? How magical!!!

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