Over 100 pages and 22,130 words later… after hours of strained eyes staring at my computer screen, cup on cup on cup of black coffee, countless consecutive shower-less days, many sleepless nights, and immeasurable quantities of sass that has been unleashed in the course of it all on any and all those around me…


I feel like I’ve been released from prison, from Integrated Marketing Communications applied thesis prison.  I am going to spend hours at the beach with Juno. I am going to go through all the clothes in my closet and DIY the sh*t out of the stuff I don’t wear. I am going to paint, write for fun, go out on the weekends, have my own Diane Keaton movie marathon.  I am going to scoff at the tornado of a mess that has become my room (CLEAN YOU? HA! Not today!).  And I will laugh in the face of my treadmill and dumbbells whose sole purpose as of late has been to collect dust.  I am going to blast and dance and rap along to Kanye’s “Clique,” as if suddenly and magically it was ok for white girls from suburbia to do so.  Today, I am careless.  I am free.

And tomorrow…I need to look for a damn job.

But this is me for now.

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